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Green Patrol Tips & Ideas

Find all the tools you need to help jump start Green Patrol in your school today!

Range of Age: Green Patrol is tailored to younger students.  Our typical audience is at the elementary level.  However, many schools have idling problems, especially in the afternoon.  This program can be adapted at level and helps reduce idling on school campuses.



Green Patrol Tool Kit

Green Patrol Starter Kit - (Updated) The starter kit will give you a general step-by-step overview of Green Patrol. A must read for anyone unfamiliar with the program.

Green Patrol Parent Letter (English & Spanish)

Green Patrol Pledge Cards (3 per slide)

Thank You Parent Letter (English & Spanish)

Green Patrol Logo | Be Air Aware Logo | Be Idle Free Poster (11x17)

Green Patrol Presentation (Power Point)

Green Patrol Poster Contest (Horizontal) | Green Patrol Poster Contest (Vertical)